Coming out of Rochester, New York, SpitDrӓgon was on the lagging edge of metal mania in the early 1980s. According to lead guitarist and songwriter Kurt Warum, their straight-ahead hard rock sound was influenced by the twin-guitar expertise of Boston and the Allman Brothers. Their debut album, Not of This World, showcased the harmony guitars of Warum and Klaus Wissenschaft on the hit single "Tell Somebody Who Cares." After transplanting themselves to the rainy Pacific Northwest, the band took a slightly different musical direction and re-packaged themselves as Slugbucket. Their album Forgotten but Not Gone flopped, being remembered only for the racy "Spread It Thin." In 1992 the boys returned to their roots and released their third album, Lick the Beater, back under the SpitDrӓgon moniker. This effort finally went platinum, with the #1 smash "Tell Me What I'm Thinking" still receiving airplay more than 20 years later.