Me 3!

Hailing from Manchester, England, the trio who call themselves Me 3! includes bandmates Kerry Willingsworth, Kyle Woolstone, and Krystal Waterford. They've accumulated a sweet and eclectic repertoire over their 10-year career. Reminiscent of the Brazilian guitar work of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Ronnie Robins, many of their songs feature nylon-string acoustic guitars and a bossa nova flavor. This influence is most evident with "You Might Think" and the instrumental "Window," both from their Rumba in the Jungle debut CD. The haunting instrumental "Lament of the Rain" evokes the sound of pattering raindrops on both banana leaves in the tropical forest and window panes in the winters of the Pacific Northwest. Guitarist Woolstone cites jazz guitarists Larry Carlton and Craig Chaquico as major influences.

Me 3! dipped a toe into the New Age space with "Tranquility Base," followed up with the most-relaxing "Sweet Sunday Morning." But this eclectic trio is not all about sweetness and light, as evidenced by their miniature rock opera "The Many Moods of Monday," which features multiple shifts of tempo and mood. The group are now in the studio preparing a fresh CD to back up their recent hit singles, the smoothly melodic instrumental "Thinking of Thursday" and the up-tempo "Saturday Samba."