The Binderclips

The Binderclips are noted for both their softish, early-rock sound, and for the tongue-in-cheek humor that characterizes some of their tunes. Singer-songwriters Kevin Williamson and Kyle Warren met in high school in Boise, Idaho, in the late 1960s. They each had owned a guitar for about a year so, hey, it's a band! One of their early collaborations was the mellow "I Want You To Be Mine," which appeared in 1970 on their first album, Warm by the Fire. They dabbled in the blues with a sophomore release titled Blues for Lunch Bunch, which featured "The Supplemental Blues."

The Binderclips took a low profile for the next few years, then re-emerged with their best effort in 1983. The petulant pseudo-ballad "Whipped" and up-tempo "Perfect" drew considerable attention to their third album, Tuna Magic. Next, they dipped their toe into the world of country music with "All My Tuesdays Feel Like Mondays," the story of a man having a very bad day. Most recently they showed their political colors with "The Blue State Blues." Time will tell what direction this versatile group takes with their next release.