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Karl Wiegers After growing up on air force bases around the world, Karl Wiegers landed in Boise, Idaho, at age 11. He received a BS in chemistry from Boise State College, and MS and PhD degrees in organic chemistry from the University of Illinois. Karl spent 18 years at Kodak in Rochester, New York, where he worked as a research scientist, software developer, software manager, software quality engineer, and software process improvement leader. In 1997 he launched Process Impact, a software consulting and training company based in Portland, Oregon.

Karl's professional interests include requirements engineering, project management, risk management, quality improvement, and process improvement. Karl is the author of six popular books on software development and management, as well as 180 articles on computing, chemistry, and military history. He has delivered more than 600 keynotes, presentations, and training classes worldwide. The best compliment he ever received on his writing was, "Gee, you don't write like you have a PhD."

Karl Wiegers playing guitar When he's not at the keyboard, Karl enjoys wine tasting, volunteering, reading about military history and science, puzzles and games, writing and recording songs, playing his Les Paul and Stratocaster guitars, and riding his Suzuki motorcycle. Karl lives in Happy Valley, Oregon, with his wife, Chris.

A keen observer of daily life, Karl realized how small, everyday experiences can impart significant life lessons. His recollection of many such "pearls of wisdom" that emerged from conversations and events in his life led him to write Pearls from Sand: How Small Encounters Lead to Powerful Lessons. Karl hopes you will find these lessons to be relevant to your own life, and that you'll reflect on the life lessons—your own pearls of wisdom—that have helped you live a happier and more fulfilling life.

For more information, please visit karlwiegers.com. Click here to contact Karl.

Pearl #34: With experience and maturity, you acquire confidence in your abilities and learn to trust the work you do.