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Software Consulting and Training

I started my software process consulting and training company, Process Impact, in 1997. Process Impact collaborates with clients to have an impact on the processes their software organizations use and to help those processes have an impact on the business. I have provided consulting and training services to about 150 companies and government agencies. My clients represent organizations of all sizes and business domains, including those building information systems for internal use, commercial applications, or software embedded in hardware devices.

My areas of expertise include requirements engineering and business analysis, project management, quality, metrics, and software process improvement in general.

Services and Products

Training   Thousands of students have attended my training courses worldwide. The courses on software requirements topics are particularly popular.

Consulting   Process Impact provides both on-site and off-site consulting services. Through off-site consulting I can perform document reviews, answer questions and provide coaching through phone calls and email, deliver webinars, and develop training and process materials.

Publications   Since 1996 I have written numerous books on software requirements and other technical topics. I have also written many articles on software requirements, project management, quality, process improvement, and other topics.

Other Products   A wide variety of templates, spreadsheet tools, procedures, and other process assets for software development and management are available for downloading at Process Impact and the Project Initiation Resource Page. You may also buy the Process Impact Goodies Collection, with dozens of these process assets.