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Technical Books

Software Requirements Software Requirements, 3rd Ed. is among the most popular books in the area of defining and managing requirements for a software or systems project. Every business analyst should have a copy. Heck, every *person* should have a copy!

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More About Software Requirements More About Software Requirements provides guidance for many thorny issues that cause headaches for business analysts working on requirements for software projects.

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Practical Project Initiation Practical Project Initiation provides a wealth of practical guidance for launching any project on a solid foundation. Numerous templates and other work aids are included.

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Peer Reviews in Software Peer Reviews in Software is a practical handbook for performing quality reviews on any software work product. This is the most effective known software quality technique.

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Creating a Software Engineering Culture Creating a Software Engineering Culture describes 13 principles that can guide the work a software group performs, the team's attitude toward quality, and the practices they use.

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Nontechnical Books

The Reconstruction My first novel, The Reconstruction! Shocked to discover a close personal connection to her latest reconstruction, a forensic sculptor is driven to identify the victim, confirm their relationship, and deliver justice for her death.

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Writing Your Way to Success Based on my 40+ years of writing experience, Writing Your Way to Success is an eBook with a wealth of guidance for anyone interested in writing for publication in books, magazines, websites, or even blogs.

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Pearls from Sand Pearls from Sand: How Small Encounters Lead to Powerful Lessons is a memoir of life lessons I learned from otherwise ordinary conversations and experiences.

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